Moo U rushed for negative 22 against Vandy

And still won thanks to five Vandy turnovers. It’s rare to win a game when your ground game goes backward, but the Pirate managed it (Leach also won one like that at Wazzu in 2016). According to Sports Reference, a team has won with negative rushing yards only 14 times since the turn of the century. No SEC team has won with minus ground yards since 2000 and possibly longer.

Leach’s presser was hilarious (as usual) he has zero filter. He told the State fans if they didn’t like what he’s doing find another team to support. And that’s just a part of what he said. Last night the SECN crew had a good laugh about his comments.

Leach is not the guy we want anywhere near Arkansas. If I was a State fan that little mouthy POS would here from me.

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