Moo U one inning from 2-and-through

Leghumpers are down 2-0 to Florida State in elimination game after 8 innings. But it’s now raining in Tallahassee and the tarp is out, so both teams get to think about it for a while. FSU’s starter has gone the distance, but they might have gone to their closer in the 9th anyway.

I like OU’s chances of advancing. Hate that. Don’t like Paperclip U in any sport.

I’ll be hoping Florida State comes out of the loser’s bracket to win, assuming they finish off the Leghumpers. And if we can’t win the CWS, I hope Mike Martin does. “Eleven” has always been a class act, even with all the times we’ve eliminated his team (two supers and we’ve won the Tallahassee Regional at least twice). All-time winningest coach in college baseball but zero NCs. Hogs are 5-0 all-time vs. Free Shoes, by the way.

what made that score yesterday so unreal is chokelahoma was without their #3-4 hitters who combined for 23 HRS


Your best yet Swine! :shock:

That’s actually a leftover from the old Pigpen board. I resurrected it.

Game’s resumed. Moo U has the tying run at the plate in the bottom of the ninth.

Three-run jack. Mike Martin’s career ends.

Incredible finish