Moo U had three defensive players taken in the first round

Three Bummers, three Leghumpers, one LSU, one Kentucky in the top 30. Tells you what kind of league – what kind of division – we’re in.

3 first rounders for Ms.State, ands record of8-5. I’d say he underachieved massively. Also the SECs all time leading rusher for a qb.

Not a fan of overweight coaches, very rarely do they work out. (Come on that’s funny, even if it is too early to say that)

Add a Georgia Dawg in the first round. Nine SEC players.

Coincidentally, since I answer a lot of questions on Quora about college sports, one crossed my inbox this morning: “Why is the best football played in the Big 10?” I couldn’t answer that one without violating Quora’s Be Nice, Be Respectful rule, so I passed. The four people who answered, one really didn’t answer the question at all, and the other three said “The best football isn’t played in the Big Ten.”

That reminds me of the Houston Nutt days…We had Felix Jones, Darren McFadden and Peyton Hillis and finished 8-5. Underachieved is the word. Those 3 didn’t underachieve, but the team certainly did. We beat the number 1 team in the country, LSU, but still lost 5 games. That is about as underachieving as underachieving gets.

The fans at Moo U are not real happy with Joe Morehead, their first year coach. They will probably never have that type of talent or defense again, due to Dan Mullen leaving prior to this past year. We know their pain.

They won’t.

That’s the most talented team that’s ever been in a Ms. St. Locker room, they won’t get there again. I’d be upset too. Moorhead will be thrown out to the wolves soon, but unfortunately I don’t think they’ll ever get another Mullen again, he was good. I hate that he’s at Florida now, they could really return back to a power house.

Miss-st’s run has left for Florida and they will fallback to being the Bulldogs we love…

If that kind of talent can be brought to Starkville, there is no excuse that it cannot be brought to Fayetteville.

I’m sure in the coming weeks/months, someone will show how the players drafted were as recruits–3, 4, 5 stars or other. Also, I’m always curious as to which players drafted were recruited by Arkansas and which ones had us in their final selection decision. At the time, I really thought we had a shot at Devin White as a running back, but as many said, he was going to LSU no matter what position he was offered. Not sure how many other drafted players had us in their top 3, but selected another school.

not going to completely answer your question but I just looked at the first round, and there was 8 5 stars, 10 4 stars, 11 3 stars, 1 2 star, and 2 un rated players drafted.

when you break that down into a ratio compared to the amount of 5 stars/4/3 stars every year, it tells you that 5 stars and 4 stars are overwhelmingly more likely to become 1st round picks. There’s typically around 30 5 stars every year, a few hundred 4 stars, and 1500 or more 3 stars. There will be more 3 stars drafted than anything, you would assume that just based off of the massive amounts of 3 stars there are in the country. That can be a misleading number.

5 and 4 stars matter, and its seen in the first round big time.

Getting Drafted high (1st rd) is one thing, But let’s see how many of those 5-4 stars make an immediate impact and/or where they’re at in 3-5 years vs those 2-3 stars drafted in the later rounds.

I think you had an extra “r” in there . . .


Clever. That’s a good one and true.