Moo U goes with the special helmet today

In honor of Mike Leach.



Great, glad to see this. Go MSU Bulldogs.

Nice gesture.

And Bret wins a challenge for 2 seconds left on the clock at half time. And then runs a running p

That ole country cowboy quarterback deserves a couple of burning truck helmet decals for his play so far. Good kid and good QB, but he is really struggling today.

Not saying you are wrong, just curious if that information is out there or just an assumption? In general it seems he has done pretty well in a program that has not enjoyed much recent success.

Moo U kicks a field goal with 4 seconds left to take the lead, Illinois tries one of those multi-lateral desperation plays, Moo U intercepts a lateral and runs it back for a touchdown. 19-10 final. They won one for the Pirate.


Nice post game interview with Rodgers. Class kid.


Having watched some of their games due to the connection of his OC.

Then that is absolutely a reason to NOT MAKE SUCH A COMMENT. C’mon man, there is no excuse for that.

People have been saying that crap about Bielema for about 8 years ago. They don’t have inside info either, but it sounds good. Usually the ones who call him Bert.

Oh yeah, the line on the game was MSU -3. Would have been a push, but the scoop and score on the Illinois play handed the Moo U bettors some free money.

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