Moo U bullpen coughs up 3-0 lead

Starter for the Leghumpers came out of nowhere to pitch seven solid innings, but MSU’s two closers (combined 20 saves) have gagged on it. Wallets have scored five in the eighth and still hitting. Starting to look like we get the 'Humpers tonight.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! :lol:

Honestly, I’d prefer to face the humpers this evening. I think facing them (with a presumably depleted staff) would be an easier assignment than facing the wallets. And even if that does make it a tougher road on Saturday, I’d be thrilled with a 2-2 SEC tourney record, improved RPI, and an essentially secured regional.

Rest the arms, and get ready fill Baum next weekend.

It’s still in the eighth and Florida is ahead 11-3. Yes, an 11-run inning. MSU has not been able to throw strikes and when they do, the Gators hit it hard.