Moo U beats Bama at Starkville

Tide is now tied with us at 2-3 in the SEC standings.

Two wins have taken us from last place to sixth. Such is January basketball.

They are Jekyll and Hyde for sure.

Cannot afford to lose to a Vandy at home. Today’s game, while a great one, was a must win - it shouldn’t have been.

It was not a must win but they do need some road wins. This one is about as good as it gets. Don’t think many will win in Baton Rouge.

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A huge injection of confidence in the collective arm of the team. SEC road wins are hard to come by. I think there’s a good chance of picking up 2nd road W at Ole Miss. Just gotta figure out that 2-3 zone that Rebels like to throw at opponents.

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Well we just need to keep improving and we will get our chance to make up for that loss… nothing easy in the SEC especially on the road


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