Moo U at Vandy game 2

Humpers score 2 in the top of the first off Jack Leiter, on a leadoff homer, single, walk, single. Got out of the inning on a caught stealing with a runner on third. Vandy gets a leadoff walk, the guy steals second and third and scores on a sac fly. 2-1 MSU after 1.

Moo U has a young RH pitcher on the mound that to this point looks pretty good. I hope MooU can win 1 game in this series.

That kid got a no decision against us in the Saturday game at Stankvomit. He gave up four earned runs, five total, in five innings. Did strike us out 10 times though. Then we got six runs off the Humper bullpen.

Still 2-1 Humpers through 3 innings. Leiter has allowed 5 hits through three, which is a season high for him in any game.

Two-run dinger by the Moo U catcher in the top of the fifth. Humpers now up 4-1.

Leiter’s out after 5 full. In line for the loss unless the Anchors rally. Humpers still up 4-1 after a nice DP to end the bottom of the fifth.

I’m hoping Moo U holds on and wins this one! I really don’t care what happens tomorrow but if Moo U wins the series it would give our hogs a 1 game lead on Vandy.

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I had forgotten about the Vandy Whistler. He’s back. If he ever left. Moo U still up 4-1 after 6, both teams in their bullpens.

Humpers get three runs in the seventh. Vandy stretching down 7-1. Looks like we’ll be back in first place by a half game over the Dores.

Moo U up 7-1 now and Moo U had a base running mistake that cost them at least one run. The second out was by a runner trying to go first to 3 rd on a single to shallow right field he was out by a pretty good margin.

And the SEC gets its last NC for the NCAA sports it sponsors. The Jellycats won women’s volleyball tonight. It had won every other sport.

Well I wish it could have been won by another SEC member!

I didn’t know whether the SEC had won volleyball or not, but I would not have thought the first would be UK. Probably Florida would have been my guess.

State trying to give it away

Yep. Down to 7-4.

Moo U finally settled down. I guess Sims needed the game to tighten up before he got into a groove. The 3 run lead isn’t real safe. I hope Moo U can hang on for the win.

Vandy hitters struck out 16 times. And didn’t score enough in between. Humpers win 7-4, and we’re back in first place.

Well Moo U got the Win and Leiter gets the loss!

I’m still trying to decide who has the ugliest unis. It’s very close (both suck hard), but no doubt on who has the ugliest field…it’s Vandy by a landslide.

The Vandy pinstripes are awful. At least the camo unis seem to have disappeared, although watch somebody come out today in camo.