Moo U and Old Mrs. still in a weather delay

Fog in Oxford (not between their ears this time). I guess the rule is they pick it up where it was suspended if they can’t resume play tonight? OM Twitter said it was expected to be a 30-minute-plus delay and that was 25 minutes ago.

BTW, a Moo U victory would be good news for us. If they win two in this series and we win tomorrow, we clinch the West due to having swept the Humpers.

Vandy won (big shock); they and Louisville both got their 40th win tonight. We’ll get ours tomorrow hopefully.

Tennessee lost to Florida, which is significant because the Vols are in serious danger of not getting to 13 SEC wins which is bare minimum to make the NCAAT. They’re now tied with the Wallets at 10-15.

We’re still 4 in RPI, BTW; East Carolina got their 17th road win at Wichita tonight to stay at 3. It’s conceivable Moo U could slip past us with a road win at Oxford, if they complete it tonight. Vandy is 1, UCLA already beat a terrible Wazzu team (2-19 in the Pac-11) and remains #2.

OM Twitter says they’re about to resume. The fog got Moo U’s starter out of there so Rebnecks will work on the State bullpen,

Moo U got the win! Ole Miss lost a few runners trying to steal and stretch singles into doubles. I don’t think batters from either team really ever were able to pick the ball up very good at the plate or in the field.

Now OM need to win but Sunday may be their best chance b/c Ginn is very good for MSU,the weather here in MS starting out is horrible but by the time they are supposed to play it looks to be clearing up.

As long as OM wins one of the two I don’t care which one. A Leghumper sweep leaves them at worst two back with three to play, possibly one back if we don’t take care of things this afternoon.