Monumental Journalism Miscarriage of Specificity @ DemGaz....................

…heads may roll. Careers may be terminated. There is an article in today’s Business Section that failed to specify WHICH University of Arkansas was the subject of the story!!!


J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. and the University of Arkansas are creating the J.B. Hunt Innovation Center of Excellence by way of a $2.75 million investment from the Lowell trucking company.

Total confusion now reigns supreme! Sacred edicts being ignored! Oh, the humanity! Isn’t this one of the signs of the End Times? Armageddon must be just around the corner! :roll:

Heaven forbid the oncoming chaos!! WPS

I’m more confused than ever! I’m going to call the JB Hunt media department for clarity and will report back as soon as I get definite confirmation of what campus the journalist is referring to. I have a feeling it’s UAM but I want to make sure.

Good one, Hogmodo. This stupid decision to denigrate the University may cost them a bunch of subscriptions, including mine. I see no Arkansas State University Jonesboro…no University of Alabama Tuscaloosa…no University of Florida Gainesville. Why are they identifying in which town the University of Arkansas resides?

I never saw any reader complain he did not know where the University of Arkansas was located. It pisses me off every day when I see that typed in the paper. Maybe that is what the paper is trying to do…run off all people who like the University of Arkansas. I know this…I don’t like it.

Adding “Fayetteville” is very irritating to read each time.