Montverde 60, Link Academy 49 - final

Jordan Walsh finished with 4 points and 2 rebounds

Amazingly he sat the last 5 minutes of the second quarter… have no idea what he did that for.

I’ve looked at the first two box scores and he sits about 10 minutes per game.

I knew he came out the the last two or three minutes of the first quarter I didn’t remember him sitting out that much after that. 10 minutes that’s a third of the game I wonder is it his conditioning??Whatever the reason is he didn’t play the last 5 minutes of the second quarter. I expect him to try to go off again in the second half like yesterday.

It is most certainly not conditioning.

That is how Coach Perry has used his rotation all year

He has played 10-12 all season when everybody is healthy.

You can’t bring D-I kids to a prep school and not play them all.


wow well as shocking as it is,it’s worked for them.

Looks like Jordan just sprained his ankle. Hope it’s not serious.

Yeah, he rolled it when a guy fell on him. He came back in the last minute of the game, but was still limping after going to the locker room, I assume to get it taped. The game was over and I really didn’t want to see him back in the game.

This wasn’t his best game, but without Jordan, they never would have been in the championship game. He plays so hard when he’s out there. He looked gassed a lot of this game, his 3rd game in 3 days will do that.

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He only knows one speed, Larry.

It’s hard to play well when Green doesn’t give up the ball. Green was 1-11 on his FG attempts. And Walsh got 4 shots.

Get that ankle healed please…


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