Montaric practicing, Cornelius still limited

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Doesn’t sound promising on J-red. If he wants to, I kind of hope he sits this year out and red shirts. Get the back healed and come back for a senior year that could land him an NFL job. I wouldn’t even think of playing Brown this year. Too much to learn in too little time.

about Cornelius…he has access to medical, training, facilities, nutrition, etc. that all of us could only dream of yet he is still limited? Seems like much more than spasms to me…but who knows?

Bret is talking to the crowd at the NWA TD Club and said they expect Jared to be cleared within a week. Hedged a little bit in his response and acted like it could linger longer when he met with the media beforeheand, but maybe a better timetable. Backs are finicky.

as someone that has battled lower back issues for over a decade I can say that it is a tough battle. Surgery is not the answer and it has taken me years to find the correct physical therapy exercises to confront my particular problem. Many lower back issues stem from very small issues that take a very specific set of exercises and therapy to contain much less heal. He could be back next week and never have issues again or he could have this pop up every couple of days for the rest of his life depending on the cause.

I fully expect Montaric to be the fourth safety by mid-season, to play this season and to be the starter next season alongside Santos.

Either he is REALLY a stud, or we have not recruited well at all at safety.

There’s not a safety on the roster, out of our top 3, who can play the spot better than a guy who arrived yesterday? that’s remarkable.


I think it’s a combination of both the factors you say. I’ve heard nothing to indicate Brown will be able to beat out Ramirez, Liddell or Coley, but he has to be ready to play in case any of those three go down or are suspended for targeting, which was an issue with Coley last year. The best way to be prepared is to play in games.

Back injuries don’t always make sense.

Meant to post this earlier, but here’s Bret’s update on T.J. and Jared from the NWA TD Club: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ay-opener/”></LINK_TEXT>

I like your use of the word “murkier” because if that is an update on J Cornelius then it is murky at best…seems like more confirmation that we don’t know the real severity