Montaric Brown

said he hasn’t set dates for official visits to Oklahoma or Oklahoma State yet.

Will be interesting to see if he does take the visits.

After checking, it looks like he’ll visit OSU 13-15 and OU Jan. 27-29.

As reported much earlier, he’ll visit the Hogs Jan. 20-22.

So…do you think we will let him take those visits? What does that say about the status of his commitment to Arkansas?

Is he still solid with the Hogs?

If you are taking OVs elsewhere you aren’t truly committed to a school

If we lose him this recruiting class is hurting badly. He’s the significant defensive player.
He’s showing love to OU on his twitter page.
BB better not let him slip away, looks like that may be the case.

Was he ever truly committed, then?

I think once it’s all said and done he’ll be a Hog.

So do I, but when I was his age I took my trips as well and still ended up at Arkansas.

I’m sure not crazy about him visiting the Sooners after his OV here.

I expect more recruits to do the same based on our last two games

He was already planning on doing that so it wasn’t the last two games.

Nine are already enrolled.

I don’t think you will see it be that big a factor in recruiting.

Kids don’t react the same as fans - who nonetheless are right to be concerned.

Can’t let him get away. That would be absolutely no good.

I expect more recruits to do the same based on our last two games
[/quote]I know that people are unhappy with the way the season ended, and there are no excuses for either loss–but if this clouds the whole off season and we all take every opportunity to pile on misery with misery, the message board universe is going to be a pretty sad place.

Regarding Montaric, if he is like so many others, the opportunity for playing time may be just as or more important than the way the season ended. Hope that is the case. Never yield!


You are right. Let’s stop the gloom-and-doom. 2016 is over. Let’s hope for a better 2017 season. The off-season is long enough; everybody has had time to vent. Now it’s time to move ahead with cautious optimism, though some may understandably have a difficult time mustering up any optimism at all. Changes are ahead, one way or another.


Great post ! I hope if Mr Brown reads these post he pays more attention to the positive ones and knows how much we need and want him to be a Razorback. Losing him is the equivalent of losing Monk in basketball, that’s how much many think he can contribute to this team early in his career. I believe in CBB ability to get this defense going in the right direction and Mr Brown is important to getting this done. WPS

Hmm, I wouldn’t go anywhere near that on a prediction. Brown is good, but he needs 15-20lbs to be a SEC quality safety. Those guys from Bama are fast, and can stop a RB at the line, Brown isn’t close to that yet. I think he could easily get there, but more than likely towards the end of his freshman year.

If it makes anyone feel better–and I know I deal with music kids rather than athletes–but every kid I ever “sign” to come to my department here at CofC has taken the equivalent of their visits. In our world, its taking invited auditions for music faculty. I even advise kids to audition a number of places, to ensure they wind up where they want to be. Any unhappy freshman doesn’t help anyone.

As a fan, I always love early commitments. But as a director, I don’t expect them. And as a parent of an elite college singer, I didn’t allow her to commit before considering other schools. She ultimately went to my school…with me as her director…but I made sure she didn’t rush the decision.

We need Brown. No question. I am not prone to grumble (at least on a public message board) about the Hogs…but I admit I have grumbled about our bad safety play all year. He could start next year if you ask me. Especially if we go to a 3-4 (in which case I could see Ramirez move to an outside LBer spot, where his average speed for a safety would become good lb’er speed. Ramirez is actually pretty physical. He just doesn’t tackle well in space. Like Liddell).

Brown taking visits doesn’t freak me out. Its normal. I DON’T love OU getting the last visit. That factor worries more than the visits themselves.

It only makes sense…most of these kids have barely even ever been out of state so the idea of an all expense paid trip to a place they’ve never been/seen is not unrealistic at all. I think I would if I were in their place…just sayin’… Montaric WILL be a HOG! wps