Montaric Brown?

I may have missed it, but I do not remember seeing much on him after spring. He was our top recruit a year ago and got to Fayetteville too late to contribute. He was hailed as having all the natural talent in the world. How is he doing and is he expected to be in the 2 deep rotation this fall?

Heard he’s up to around 190, and should be in the 2 deep.

Weight was his main issue.

There are high hopes for him. He’s still learning college schemes. He just needs time.

I know you know this, Clay, but in general people forget that it used to be assumed that a player at a top line D1 school wouldn’t get to play significant minutes until he was a redshirt JUNIOR. Coming into just his redshirt freshman season, Montaric still has plenty of time to mature into the impact player most thought he would be when he signed. He may or may not be there by this fall, but even if he isn’t, there will be 3 years for him to make his mark. I’m betting he will.