Montaric Brown

Curious as to what is happening w Montaric. He was one of highest rated players coming in last year and a big recruit, but never hear his name when mentioning potential starters or playing time. Curl and Calloway have made it in there.

RD - any insight

He’s in my story from last night.

Redshirted last season when he could not get his eligibility to practice until late.

Is running second team at safety now along with Micahh Smith while Curl and Ramirez run first team

Thanks Dudley. Are those guys visibly that much better than him at practice? I’m sure he will come on strong at some point, but he had some big time offers.

How’s his weight?

To me that is the only thing holding him back. He was as skinny as a stick when he got there.

He was 180 or so in HS. I assume he’s put on some weight. I would think he’s 190-200 now.

I’m told he’s 195.

Wow, that’s great. He’s ready to play then.

He’s listed as 181 on the spring depth chart, although I have heard that was before workouts started in January.

I watched him yesterday. He doesn’t look as big as Santos Ramirez. Santos is listed at 195. I’ll double check the new weight with someone later this week.

Ashdown Coach Matt Richardson said 195.

Well, my son played high school football and I know all about heights, weights, and 40 times, lol.

I have no reason not to believe him. Doesn’t benefit him.

So you have a reason not to believe the spring practice roster put out by the university?

Not really. No idea when the weights were recorded. I can’t tell you how inaccurate a lot of weight have been in the past. Just ask some of the kids and parents.

Well, unless you see them on the scales, it’s all a question of when they were weighed, haha.

Yeah, but was that with shoes or without? :wink:

This Saturday will the first real opportunity for the media to see him in scrimmage action

He’s a RS Freshman on the 2-deep. That’s very good progress.

Especially at Safety.

Very tough position to digest. Once it clicks for him he will be a stud. I’ve seen him play in highschool and he has a lot of potential. The ther, (Ladarius Bishop) coming in also fromashdown, has equal the potential, but more speed. Could be a special duo from around my neck of the woods.

Gotta give him time… If he has any juice it will show here pretty soon…