Montaric Brown?

Is he going to make it to campus?

Just has to finish an online class and he should be good. I’m sure Bret will give the latest at SEC Media Days.

Just read where CBB says he has a online class to finish yet, we need him on the Hill and getting acclimated to college life. We may very well use him some this season if we suffer some injuries, but at this point I don’t think playing time is very likely due to his late arrival. WPS … etteville/ … ng-campus/

Coach B said Monday that he would be for the fall or in Jan.

Obviously he has to finish the online class and have his transcript approved by the NCAA Clearing House.

If that gets done the first week or two of practice, then he would likely be able to contribute this year - if needed.

If not, it would likely be to both his benefit and the Razorbacks for him to redshirt.

Of course, if he doesn’t show up until Jan. then that takes care of itself.