Montaric Brown to visit Hogs this week … hogs-week/

Is he visiting Bama this weekend?

Will check, but I asked him while he was on his way to OSU if he had any other visits lined up in the near future and he just mentioned Arkansas.

Richard, You know each guy has to go where his heart is, and Montaric has to do the same. But you know, it seems sometimes AL stockpiles guys just to keep them from going and playing against them ---- which is not a new idea.

 I can't remember a highly regarded AR kid that ever saw major playing time at Bama. I don't know what they tell them, but you cannot make it to the NFL from the bench. How that many 4 & 5 star recruits go to the same place, I just can't get my head around. All of them cannot play.

 Am I wrong on that ?

Remains to be seen with Josh Frazier. Will know more this year.

I really think at the end of the day Montaric will be a Hog.

There isn’t enough room on the roster with scholarship limits for Saban to take players just to keep them from league rivals.

That Saban is constantly credited for such machinations is funny to me. The numbers just don’t make it possible. But the legend of Saban has taken on a life of its own.

Signing Class of '14 ---- you can’t blame him for that. And I would love to be proved wrong on this and now I will be rooting for and watching him, when he isn’t playing us.
But in retrospect, where would he be at AR ? Two years more experienced the way I look at it.

And that isn’t a Saban concept — don’t give him that much credit — how old are you ?

Montaric said he’ll arrive at 11 for today’s visit.

I think this is a big visit because he has a lot of family in tow.

I’m 40. And, yes, it is an old ploy that was often used before athletic scholarship (#) limits and additional scholarship designation limits.

Since you asked me, my question is–how old are you?

If you think with the 25/85 scholarship limits Saban is stockpiled with recruits just to keep them from other schools, my guess is you’re over 60 and you mistakenly think they have more numerical freedom than they do under a system that no longer exists.

52 and No offense intended---- you have a good point on the numbers and for most schools — no way — but it still does kind of have the same affect as a by product when you get the best guys at the same position every year.

I guess what I was trying to point out and encourage was  ---- and especially for non-AL kids ---- go where you can play.  It would be interesting to know how many high star players never hit the field at Bama. Maybe not many --- would be interesting to know.

And Richard called it — WPS