Montaric Brown changes mind again, will announce end of July … -decision/

It’s my understanding he’ll do it on Twitter.

tea leaves say hogs??

That’s what I expect.

Obviously all this back and forth changes my thinking. Arkansas has to get him back on campus.

It appears this kid has people in his ear and bright lights in his eyes. Family members can be the best and worst thing to happen to recruiting. Brown said we were his dream school, yet seems like he makes a decision and then he or someone else makes a rash change? We all need to be prepared for drama and handle this differently than the backlash of KJ Hill’s decision. KJ Hill screwed us around but we screwed up when we got into a squabble with his family on message boards.

I have to disagree that the Arkansas fans had anything whatsoever in pushing K.J. Hill to Alabama - and then to Ohio State.

That was the way that his parents decided to play it.

I think K.J. is a class young man and I think he will end up being a good football player for Ohio State.

But that situation was handled bad by the adults. Knowing what I know after the fact, I refuse to blame him.

Unless something has changed drastically, I still expect like Richard that Montaric ends up here.

He almost committed to Arkansas on the night of the All-Arkansas Camp in War Memorial.

I know there are several people around him who want him to be a Razorback.

Obviously the lure of Alabama is a strong one.

Will be making some calls today to see what the deal with his latest tweet is

Thanks for the updates.

Changing his commitment date, after moving it up from his August birth date, and then another change within about 24 hours makes me a little nervous.

I think he wants to be a HOG and get this over with.

Anybody heard anything? Any new information or updates? Thanks.

Check back here Friday and I’ll bet you’ll find something