Montana Tech Beat "Montana" on Monday

74 to 72. Montana Tech? NAIA. They even scored 10 more points than did our Hogs, while playing on the road against the state school.

I read it is the first time Montana Tech has beaten Montana since the 1947-48 season. Yikes.

After our last two FB seasons we know how Montana feels…unfortunatiely!

I don’t see anybody pronouncing Arkansas as good or great yet.

Different? Sure.

But I don’t think we can take a lot so far from this early season schedule for the most part has pronounced us good. Projects the Hogs 21-10 and
10-8 in conference. Currently has Hogs 24th in the rankings.

I pronounce us (hogs) GOOD too. :crazy_face:

Warren Nolan projects us 24-7. Waaaay to early to know

Sorry they updated, now has us at 26-5

The hogs are just fine! If they can finish conference play 9-9 or better I will be happy.


Yeah, I see that. Looks like 12-4 conf, a loss to Indiana, maybe a 4 seed! Ok, sounds good. :sunglasses: