Monster OL from LSU in the Portal

Supposedly CSP recruited him hard so we will see if anything comes out of it…he is Man! 340 Lbs

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Is he a graduate transfer?

yes I think so.

I know his coach, will check to see who what and why. May be Sunday before that happens. Ponchatoula has a 6-7" qB who is headed to red stick

just talked to a Ponchatoula coach who says kid is well spoken, comes from an athletic family as in his bro was an option QB at Ponchatoula who went to GTech and ended up being a starting safety as a big ole boy. Campbell is only 6-3 and about 350 is what his Ponchatoula running buddies say. I was impressed with his moving well comment and that he is HUUUGE, No hard feelings and he is a little ahead in the classroom as far as being on the graduate end of the bubble, not there yet is what Johnny thinks. I’d be all in for the kid from what I just heard from someone who has coached in Ptoula for a long time plus Amite and his cousin is the Ptoula HC in football.

Appreciate the info…yeah take him in a heartbeat.he is just exactly the kind of offensive lineman Pittman likes to sign.I don’t know if we get to Henderson kid or not and I sure hope we do but I would love to have this guy either way

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