Monks and Arkansas Wings form partnership

in order to send them all to kentucky…hoped they are monitored closely for any irregularities…hope the players see through the Monks’b.s…and thats my opinion of the announcement

Isn’t there an AAU team in Kentucky they can get with? Marcus and Malik can take it elsewhere

I see the announcement said Nike sponsored and isn’t Marcus trying to become an agent? If so, this looks ripe for peril in light of recent FBI and other investigations.

They’ve been sponsored by Nike from a good amount of time. I’ve noticed some Hog fans aren’t too happy.



Well ! That’s just great, another funnel to Kentucky .I just can’t believe it,can anything be done to boycott this ?

Fortunately a majority of Arkansas talent is now playing for the Hawks and not Wings. Bill Ingram and the Hawks are the Real Deal…

Before I get into my thoughts, let me first say I’m a person that believes a kid should be able to go wherever they want, they don’t owe anybody anything. If you’re from Arkansas and want to go to Kentucky, more power to you, but don’t burn people on your way out. The Monks absolutely played Arkansas I don’t care what anybody says. I think Marcus knew he wasn’t letting Malik go to Arkansas, unless their was something in it for him. Once Calapari started really recruiting Malik and presented his “sales pitch” Marcus knew he was sending Malik there, and he just dangled Arkansas along for the ride. Who does that to their alma mater?

Now, after his brother throats slashes us in a game and he’s left a bad taste in everybody’s mouth he’s coming back to Arkansas and trying to prey on the Arkansas talent to try to help his career. C’mon man. I seen someone post this on another board… They said they hope guys like Fitz Hill and Bill Ingram speak out against them and I agree. Arkansas is already a small state with only a small handful of high major talent coming out every year, last thing we need is the Monk’s badmouthing the hogs and leading them away from the program. For Arkansas to be successful we need to be united.

And whoever I was arguing with this summer about Nick Mason and I was defending him, I apologize to you. I see how he is now. He tries to act like he has Arkansas’ best interest in mind, but really he just likes attention and drama. He’s also a huge Monk fanboy, he goes outta his way to justify anything the Monks do.


What I’m trying to figure out is the Arkansas Wings gone completely and they’ll now be known as the Woodz Elite, or will they have their own division within the Wings?

One thing I do know, Kevin McPherson who covers the Arkansas grassroots scene, said this is bad news for the both Arkansas grassroots basketball and the Hogs. He was on twitter talking about it and Bill Ingram retweeted. And of course Nick Mason was on there defending the Monks as usual.

This is another good reason to cheer for the Hawks & Bill Ingram! Class vs. no class.

So it seems this depends on Monks influence over HS coaches in AR where to send their kids to play AAU ball at. But I guess the kids can make their own decisions where to play AAU and Monks selling pitch being from the Wings to KU & on to the NBA quickly just might give him the advantage in the near future.

I knew this wouldn’t go over well.

Unless Bobby Portis didn’t want to do it, I don’t get it

Who are the Monks?

I’m amazed that people in Arkansas would do anything to help the Monk’s. Just another example of people turning their head to help dirt bags. I just wonder if there’s a conflict of interest between an authorized sports agent bing involved in AAU basketball? Maybe he can get caught with his hands in the cookie jar and end up at the Camp Fed!

It didnt stay Portis Wings Elite for very long.

It may be time to stop listening to Nick Mason and the boys in Fort Smith in the mornings?

I agree 100%. I have never figured out what Tommy saw as a benefit in bringing Mason on. I am now completely done with them.