Monk Draft

So, after all the hype and Calapari’s magic, Malik goes outside the top 10 at number 11. Gotta believe he would have been at least that high had he come to Arkansas. And I also have to believe that wasn’t what he had in mind when he spurned his home state, with he and Marcus burning bridges along the way…I shouldn’t have even brought him up again, but I couldn’t help it lol.

Moncrief (5th) Pippen (5th) and Joe Johnson (10th) went higher than Monk.

None of them went to UK. Amazing.

Greatest week in the history of my Hornets

Trade away Plumlee and that contract
Move up to the first pick of round 2
Get an elite rebounder from division rival
Draft a freak athlete, elite shooter

Be still my beating heart


We ended up drafting his teamate BAM!

Hornets seemed high on him. Like most Riley moves, it’ll probably be a home run pick

That’ll be an undersized backcourt in Charlotte, but they’ll be able to put up some points. Cal said what I’ve been thinking for a while in comparing Malik to Devin Booker in the sense that neither got to show off their full game at Kentucky.

Now, Booker is one of my favorite young players in the league and has proven he can be a more well-rounded player in the NBA. Malik still has to do it, but his shot and athletic ability are elite and I think he’ll show he has some skill as a passer and ballhandler, too. I think his floor is a bench scorer who can play for a long time, but he has the ability to be a lot more.

I’m pumped OKC took Terrance Ferguson. He’s been the guy I wanted for months. Didn’t have a great stint in Australia, but he’s young and I think he could wind up being a steal. Is 6-7, super athletic and can shoot. Wish they would’ve bought a draft pick in the second and snatched up Jawun Evans. I can’t take another year of Semaj Christon running the second unit. Guess they’ll have to address that in FA. I am somewhat worried they miss the playoffs next year. Minnesota and Denver will both have a good chance to make it, I think. Dallas will be in the mix if healthy. And there’s virtually no chance Russ is as clutch as he was this regular season.

Golden State buying into the second round and picking up Jordan Bell was probably a really good move. Wouldn’t be surprised if he helped them sooner rather than later.

Sacramento had an interesting draft. I liked Dallas going Dennis Smith Jr. He has as much talent as anyone and Carlisle is a heck of a coach. That pick-and-pop with Dirk plus pick-and-rolls with Noel could be pretty spicy.

The Hornets had good success with a crunch time lineup of Kemba and Lin two years ago, but I doubt Monk will start. I imagine it will continue to be Kemba, Batum, MKG, Marvin and now Howard (though I would prefer Zeller). I look for Sessions to be cut and the MLE used on a backup PG.

But, but, but, I don’t understand. UK (spit) had 3 of the top 14 draft picks, has the greatest coach in the history of basketball (I mean this guy can turn a high school nobody into an NBA first rounder, right? ) and didn’t make the Final 4. WHAT??? :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o


Booker showed those skills off as a high schooler, Malik has not at any level so far. At the same time I don’t see why Malik can’t if he wants to. The “want” is the issue.

Regarding Terrance Ferguson, they showed him signing with Arizona. Did he not sign with Alabama? I thought he was Anthony Johnson first boss signee.

Coach Clifford said today that he has spoken with Monk and they are going to try and play him at point in summer league.


That makes sense. I think Monk could play some PG, too.

Michael Carter Williams makes some sense for the Buzz to pair with Monk. Hopefully cover his defensive deficiencies.

I’ve watched him play for 4 years and I think he has more ballhandling ability and better vision than he showed at Kentucky. He was essentially Bentonville’s PG and did a nice job setting teammates up. Obviously there’s a big difference between doing that in the 7A-West and against Patrick Beverley, but I think the tools are there. I like that Clifford seems like he’s going to put the ball in his hands early.

He better be able to work off ball screens or like you said Notorious, his upside as a player is capped. And yes, his defense is an issue. Lack of length, want-to and strength. We’ll see if the latter 2 change, but he has a ways to go to be an average defender in the NBA, especially if he’s guarding 2s.

As far as Ferguson, best I can tell, he decommitted from Bama and committed to Arizona. Had eligibility questions and went to Australia.

Not a huge fan of MCW, but he is long and can be had for cheap.


If he won’t defend he won’t play for Clifford. See: Lamb, Jeremy and Hairston, PJ

It is the reason I see the Hornets targeting a lengthy, somewhat defensive minded back up PG. The Ramon Sessions 2.0 era is over.

Summer league can’t start soon enough. I was beginning to talk myself into Luke Kennard.

Ah, Jeremy Lamb. So much unrealized potential.

I wouldn’t have been surprised if you guys had taken Kennard either. Would’ve been an MJ pick.

An MJ pick? Whatever do you mean? Like taking Kaminsky over Winslow?