Dudley just reported that his sources are will to pay the next coach up to 4 million a year.

This might actually be low.

I don’t doubt that there are some wealthy benefactors who will pony up the money for a coach if they love the choice. It’s no different than the football situation a couple of years ago. There were wealthy donors - one, in particular - who was willing to cover what it would have cost to bring in Gus Malzahn. That fell through and Chad Morris was hired at a significantly lower salary.

Morris’ $3.5 million salary might be a good baseline for what the school is willing to spend for a coach. I can’t see the basketball coach getting paid more than the football coach unless his credentials are impeccable.

If that is true, we will get a really good coach. Money talks, as we all know, and prioritizing the expense for a head coach is probably the most important expenditure needed for a successful program. If you pay for an excellent coach, you are probably going to get a winning program and a winning program is the foundation for success from fan support to donations to student enrollment.

We just spent $160,000,000 million dollars to enclose Reynolds Razorback Stadium. Is spending $4,000,000 per year on a coach an outrageous expenditure? No, it is a necessary expense for both football and basketball.

There are only 6 coaches in college basketball paid more than 4 million. Sean Miller is number 6. So really there are 5.

Make him a top 5 in pay according to the USA Today coaching salaries…
I’d say that would be a game changer…and no Sampson.

Would take Sampson in a minute.