Money has to figure

In the decision for the new coach doesn’t it? Buyout of former coach is almost 12mm instead of 5.9… Longs buy out is what, 4 or 5mm. We have the stadium expansion. To pay a coach 6 to 7mm someone or a few would have to step up with some big bucks. Sounds to me like we are in a little financial mess here. How big a role is money playing in our decision on a new coach? Long now sure looks like he set himself and coach B up with his contracts. Does the board approve these contracts? Just thoughts this morning.

It comes down to what the Foundation is willing to pony up. And THAT comes down to the big money boosters and their willingness to pledge the dollars.

If the boosters are behind this, they know the costs before hand and sent around the collection plate.

They will make it work if they want it to work.

Which leaves the question, do we pay for an up and comer and pony up for a excellent staff, or overpay for a name(Gus) and will there be enough to get the people he will need? Past my pay grade but it will be interesting to see. CBB got extra for his assistant coaches and we saw how that worked out.

This almost sounds like you are suggesting some kind of conspiracy theory. First, Long did not write his own contract. Second, CBB’s contract was no different than any other coach in the SEC. I remember just over a year ago how so many on this board were suggesting that he may leave us for the NFL or some other bigger program. With that in mind, it was cheered when it was announced that we had offered such a big buyout on both sides.

I agree with your overall statement though. I have a feeling the big time boosters were not aware of just how big CBB’s buyout was. I think Long knew the financial risk associated with firing the coach and is probably why he was supporting him. That got Long fired and added to the overall cost. A lot of these costs will be absorbed if both get a new job. But, man, some people have to step up and write some painful checks soon. From the outside it really looks like a mess.

Part of his buyout was directly with the Foundation. Who at the foundation approved it? It would be difficult for the donors not to know if the foundation had knowledge of it.

I don’t understand all the moving pieces, so I dont know who shares the burden of the blame, though certainly Long is one of them.

All Coach B is to blame for is a poor football product and a willingness to allow his agent to negotiate terms that are favorable to him.