Monday recruiting tidbits


That’s a nice list, our coaches have been plowing the field for some gems.

HOLY COW! What a list. I guess when you start winning games, this happens.

We planting the seeds now I want to see us start reaping the harvest. We need about 3-4 stud DL to commit. That’s the foundation of the defense .We ever get that going on a regular basis, teams are going to have a hard time dealing with Arkansas on defense.


Wow, what a list. Stills blows my mind the positive progress CSP has brought to the program. This list of players would have been impossible to get in years past

Could be adding a notable prospect to this weekend’s list in the next day or so. Have a story ready in case the kid confirms.


On Carson Dean anchoring his team’s 400 relay…reminds me of Jason Peter’s anchoring his team’s 400 relay for Queen City TX…I think I’m remembering that right though that was a while ago…

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Pretty freaky.

No Arkansas offer yet but might happen Sat.

Haven’t confirmed yet but there’s another that might be confirmed soon.

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Ryan is the second kid I was referring to.


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