Monday recruiting tidbits … um=twitter

Miller said April 22 is the planned for his OV, but will confirm it later this week. I assume he means the 19th-22th.

that makes me very happy! cannot have too many studs in the trenches!

Is the 7’ kid from Texas able to move well? It’s just so unusual to be over about 6’7" and be a dominant lineman


I had the same concern until I watched video. Seems to have good hips, moves well and best of all seems to play angry.

He’s a true flat belly believe it or not.

Whether he ever starts on the line or not (and I’d hope he would), he could be great at blocking field goals, AKA Skipper.

After football is over each year maybe Coach Anderson could use him on the practice squad to give the round ball hogs some competition… :smiley:

Forgot Dan Skipper already?

He was pretty good at times, but far from dominant.

Dominant lineman in the SEC are top 2 round draft picks.

Travis Swanson was pretty dominate.