Monday recruiting tidbits: Offseason notes, visit list grows … -visit-li/

I am amazed sometime when I see Bench press #s and makes me wonder what kind of workout system they were in…Clay is 276 but only 315 BP.I like the fact that Limmer can do 360 2 times i think he will be a stud.I expect those #'s to go up quickly when they get here.

This list of visitors is even more impressive than some from last year. Regardless of what ANYONE says, we have never recruited this well - ever

315 isn’t bad for a HS kid. I understand you would like to see a guy bench like Limmer. I’m not sure the reach of each kid but Clay’s dad is 6-10 so his arms might be longer than most linemen. I’m also not sure how good Clay’s weight program is compared to Tyler Lee.

Henry doing 315 is impressive because he’s a TE and he’s pretty long too.

Yeah 315 for a tight end is pretty good but for anybody OL over 275 lb needs to bench over 350 in my opinion.