Monday press conference notes - 11/19

Updates from Morris, Chavis and Craddock throughout the next hour here: … view-miss/

Players didn’t execute is the lead-off!

No personnel changes other than suspensions.

No ownership until media drags it out of him for himself or coaches.

Doesn’t know about the weather or where his DC will be the day after the game plan is created.

The players and fans should be pumped about the future of the program.

How do you know there won’t be personnel changes?

As far as ownership he said after the game that everything was unacceptable - starting with coaching.

As far as weather what he means is the team has play whether it’s hot, cold or something in between. Don’t worry about the damn weather - play football no matter what you are dealt by Mother Nature.

This is a bad post.

Why would he make personnel changes before early signing period? That would be stupid.

Doesn’t know where the DC will be or doesn’t feel like it’s for the public and opposition to know?

Weather? You think him knowing the exact forecast makes a difference? He nailed the weather part, saying it doesn’t matter.

I’m all for criticism, if it’s got some substance, this was a bad one though.

So weather has no impact on what you do, got it.

No personnel changes on the field, not on the sidelines.

The point is he comes out and lays blame on the players and not like a leader and says this is on me. You think the players are not listening to this, very rarely the entire season have i heard him take responsibility for the poor performance, almost always seems to be indirectly or directly scapegoating others.

I want a coach who has considered the humidity and how it will affect his players.

You know giving his best as a standard, not just mouthing some line like hammer down.

You think he wouldn’t have any idea, or any preparation for the weather, by game start? You think he shows up in Columbia and is caught off guard by something like that? Really?

This is what he said about the performance, “Completely unacceptable. Unacceptable in all areas. Unacceptable coaching. Unacceptable playing. Unacceptable effort. That’s not what this program is going to be about, it’s absolutely not acceptable,” Morris said after the game. “We are going to find out – we are in a big gut-check time right now.”

So FWIW, and really most coach speak isn’t worth much, he said the coaching was unacceptable.

Direct quotes from his mouth, no idea about weather, it doesn’t matter, the game plan was put together last night. Lack of preparation.

Today led off with lack of execution, didn’t mention coaches until media asked him about coaching. Listen to the press conference, i am not making this ish up

Try putting things in context if you are going to do something like this.

You know - like Scottie did. … view-miss/

Scottie did a great job in summation but it doesn’t give the context of what Morris said in his prepared remarks, again he leads off with we watched the film and the players didn’t execute.

Be mad all you want, I won’t try to argue with you. But I will share this fact:

I’ve watched nearly every post game press conference this season, and I can’t remember a loss when CCM didn’t start by putting blame on himself and the staff. Almost to a fault. Chavis does the same thing as well.


Do all you Razorbacks fans understand that Coach Morris needs time to get this program to where we need it too be. I understand that being 2 an 9 and probably 2 and 10 after Saturday is unacceptable. I have been a Hog fan since 1965 and this will be the worst season in Razorback Football. If Coach Morris can’t get this program turned in the right direction in the next couple of years then our football program will never be relevant again. I love my Razorbacks and all of you on this board, but let’s give him a chance.