Monday practice coverage

I know it’s a strange format, strange year, haven’t coached a game yet, and…yada yada…but…

…Matt, do you have a sense for CSP’s game day motivational skills? Maybe from previous players etc…?

I would like to know about that too… I have to be honest he’s a lot more laid back and quiet then I really expected him to be. I’m wondering is that just him being a little uncomfortable in press conferences or is that really the way he is. I know the players greatly respect him because of the great man that he is and they want to do everything they can to make him succeed. I guess we will see once the games start.

I’ll ask around.

That’s just Sam’s personality. In the four years that I’ve covered him, I’ve found him to be real polite, humble and soft spoken.

But I think what you see in a press conference does not mirror of how he is on the field. I can only speak to what I saw of him as an assistant coach, but he coaches his players hard.

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Kind of what I thought…thanks Matt.

@MattJones, why are the videos not on the WholeHogSports app? I usually watch them on TV, but they aren’t listed. I checked both the latest videos and the football videos without luck.

I’m seeing it on my app. Which device are you using?

FireStick and Roku both show Musselman on new coach as latest video and Sam Pittman on voluntary workouts in Football.

BTW, I deleted the app from Roku and reinstalled it without change. (I had previously checked for updates without finding any.)

I’m checking on it.

The app should be working correctly now. Please let me know if you’re having trouble.

Got it! They seem a little out of order, but I’ve got no problem with that! I’m guessing that everything in the future will be in order.

Thanks, Matt.

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