Monday football practice notes (updated)

Scottie was our designated viewer at the individual portion of football practice today. Some thoughts and observations he relayed to me:

• Brad Davis was not in attendance today. Sam Pittman spent the entire open portion of practice working with the offensive line. There is no word on why Davis was not at practice.

• Trey Knox, Jalen Catalon, Jarques McClellion and Tyson Morris were at practice today. All four were out when the media was last in attendance last Wednesday. Knox was wearing a green jersey today that in the past has represented a player who was not allowed to be contacted. Catalon (knee) was not wearing pads, but was walking around with the defensive backs in a helmet. Morris had his right hand wrapped but was practicing.

• Media not see Levi Draper, Koilan Jackson or Chibueze Nwanna. Nwanna was also out last week.

• According to Scottie, Zach Zimos stands out more on the field and has a similar body type to Hayden Henry now after adding some weight during the offseason.

• Scottie says Taurean Carter and Marcus Miller are beginning to look more like SEC-sized defensive tackles. “Their stature, their frame, they look better than they did last year.”

• Dorian Gerald and Julius Coates appear to be leading for starting jobs at defensive end.

EDIT: Changed this to say that Catalon was with the defensive backs today, but not working out.

What’s wrong with Knox?? I was wondering if Zimos might be a factor this year he was a four-star, we need him to really step up and be a player.

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Arkansas’ SID said before tonight’s Zoom that OL coach Brad Davis “has a pre-existing condition that has knocked him out for a little bit.”

Nwanna has opted out on the season.

Can a player opt out yet still practice, like scout team? If he is worried about catching virus, I would think being in the team “bubble”, if one can call it that, is safer than not.

I don’t think there is any “bubble” for the team.

I thank he pretty much opted out when he got here last year and saw what real football is all about. Wish him all the best

My understanding is Knox is a couple of days behind on the acclimatization schedule because of time missed last week. Hoping to get an update from Sam Pittman on Tuesday.

After some conversations, I think youdaman has an accurate assessment of the situation.

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