Monday bits (Mincey update) … lanning-v/

Here’s the plan for Mincey, he has a basketball game Saturday. DT coach John Scott Jr. will attend the game and then he and his father will leave early Sunday am and arrive around 10 am. They’ll leave Monday. Not idea, but at least the plan is to get him on campus. As I said last week or so, I think Tennessee will be tough to beat but at least it looks like he’ll visit and even though it’s a shorter visit you give it your best shot.

I hate that they’re going to miss the basketball game (sellout vs. Okie State) and the Catfish Hole. There’s nothing like experiencing fan enthusiasm up close and in person.

My (ample) gut is telling me that Mincey is a long-shot, even with this planned visit. Almost sounds like a “courtesy” visit. Of course, anything can happen when a kid makes a visit. But, there’s usually more of a potential impact when it’s the kid’s first time on our campus - the “Wow” factor (if there is to be one). Then again, this may be the first time his father has been there with him - don’t know.

Anyway, good job by the coaches to at least get a visit.