Monday baseball notebook on possible schedule change, injuries, Tygart and more

This is an awesome time of year! Getting ready for The weather to warm up and the Hogs Bats! Baseball getting close to starting conference play and the Basketball Hogs getting ready for The Dance!
It’s obvious DVH and Coach Hobbs are giving the chance to a lot of young pitchers in difference roles out of the bullpen. It’s a luxury to have so many talented pitchers on our team. It’s going to be a blast watching our hogs.

UiC is going to be a tough series. They have two very good LH with eras under 2 and the way we’ve hit LH again this year you already know it’s going to be a battle with those two. They are not a very good hitting team but those two pitchers are going to make this a close series at least in those two games. I would love to see us break loose and hit LH pitching it’s just a matter of getting the right approach.

It would be nice to finally handle LHP and score a bunch of runs. Early if possible.

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Our hitting has been abysmal to say the least…

What is our current team batting avg?
Is there a stat sheet for the individual Hogs batting avg?

You can view them here

Thanks, youdaman!!

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I don’t think you can overstate how much the elements have affected Arkansas’ hitting to this point. Van Horn said yesterday that he thinks there have been 10 hits that would have been home runs if not for the wind. Imagine the difference in runs, batting average, slugging percentage, average with runners in scoring position, etc., if those balls had left the yard. That doesn’t take into consideration the number of other line-drive hits that have probably been taken away. Of course it has affected Arkansas’ opponents, too, but we’re focusing on the Razorbacks here.

Aside from the games against Stanford and Louisiana-Lafayette on the same day in Round Rock, the team seems to have had a pretty good approach at the plate. That was the one day when I thought the hitters pressed and chased pitches outside the zone. There were 28 strikeouts that day. There have been 57 in the other 8 games combined for an average of 7 per game. In today’s game, that’s not a terrible number.

If the team continues to have a good approach, those hitting numbers are going to improve as the weather gets warmer. There are so many accomplished hitters on this team that I just have a hard time believing this lineup is going to be held down for long.

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I understand.

The very reason to move out the BB schedule. BTW what came of the moving out college BB a month or so?

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