Moncrief's legacy

As he enters the Hall of Fame. That shot at Lubbock in '79 is in here. BTW.

Congrats Super Sid,
Well deserved & everything said about Sid is true.
When all time greats like MJ & Magic respectfully talk about dreading to play against ya says it all.

My co-favorite player of all-time (with Mark Price).

What a great player! just wished all the games would have been televised where I could have seen him more…

I’ve occasionally wondered what if. What if the state of Arkansas hadn’t somehow produced three transcendent talents at the same time – Sid, Boot and Marvin. Could Eddie Sutton have cobbled together a top-notch program without them? Obviously Eddie was a damn good coach, and he won at Okie Lite and Creighton without that cluster of local talent, but would we have cut down the nets in Charlotte in '94 without those three guys coming along 20 years earlier?

What if,
Maybe he doesn’t even come here if those 3 instate greats weren’t around. I’m sure they were on his radar before he ever considered us.
Sid being a year behind the other 2 worked out great because Brewer’s 1st year was at Westark.

Al McGuire, the famous Marquette coach who was also a TV announcer during the time, nicknamed Brewer, Delph, and Moncrief “the Triplets”. They were all around 6-4 and were each a special player. We have never seen their like since.

Coach Sutton has forgotten more basketball than most college coaches know. He could take a couple of good players and make a good team. When he got the Triplets he almost took us to a National Championship. If we had a good big man on that team, we would have won it all, in my view.

Chris Beard at Texas Tech reminds me of Coach Sutton. He will squeeze every ounce out of the talent he has. Coach Sutton and Coach Richardson had us rolling for almost 30 years. It was a fun ride.