Moncrief is a Hall of Famer

Sidney Moncrief has been elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, the first former Arkansas player to earn the highest lifetime achievement honor in the sport. … hall-fame/

He is very deserving. Congratulations Sidney.

Back in the day he was so popular most thought he could be elected governor in a landslide.

Favorite Razorback of all the time, in any sport. By a longshot. Pure greatness. Congrats Sidney!

Incredibly awesome news!!! Love my man Sir Sid!!! Well deserved!!

Great Man and great Hog. WPS !!!’


Favorite Razorback of all the time, in any sport. By a longshot. Pure greatness. Congrats Sidney!

[/quote]Same here. And, a great ambassador.

Sidney simply was the greatest competitor ever to play for the Razorbacks. When the game was on the line, Sidney almost always had the ball and the Razorbacks won. Sidney would not have it any other way.

In addition to his basketball prowess, Sidney kept his cool despite the hacking and cheap shots he endured every game. I can only recall one incident when a Texas Aggie started swing at Sidney. Sidney swung back and the ref called a foul on the Aggie.

Congratulations to the greatest Razorback. WPS

There are many things one could say about this, but I think the single most applicable word of all is . . .


May very well be the favorite Hog player in any sport if you took a poll… no, he was the favorite player in any sport.

Sid earned it and has always been humble and gave his coaches and teammates credit for his personal accomplishments.
In my book he could still win a race for governor by landslide!

Sir Sidney was the first Razorback I remember being a total die hard fan of. I was 10 when he graduated and couldn’t comprehend what we would do without him.

Always has been a hall of famer in my book. I cried when that ISU punk hit that ridiculous shot in the final 4. hated Larry Bird for about 20 years after that, lol.

My favorite Razorback. Ever. Any sport. still have my autographed Sir Sid poster on the wall in my game room!


About dang time.
Very deserving
Congrats Super Sid

Long overdue. He’s easily NBA Top 50 if he has more healthy years. When you combine college and pro careers, he’s also the undisputed GOAT in a Razorback uniform.