Mom's hard work inspires Hogs' O-line target

Mom of the year here. … o-line-ta/

As someone who’s immigrant mother worked long hours in a sweat shop I can certainly appreciate the young mans pride in his mother’s hard work for the love of her family.

No love like that of a mother.

Great story RD…thanks for sharing and kuddos to that young mans mother for her incredible drive to take care of that family! I would give her a big hug myself if I ever met her!

Awesome story…kid is a keeper.

That’s what I told Javion. I want to give her a hug because she’s truly amazing.


Impressive. A great article. I hope we land him since we get
mom in that deal. Positive early influence will hopefully
carry the young man through life with a grateful attitude.

My respect for moms is very high but single moms another level. When I heard about her work schedule and his respect for what she does for the family I had to share.

Not only provides for her 3 kids but 3 more in the family as well. Mr Cohen has stepped up & proved what a man he is already whether he ever played another down FB again.
Get him signed & get Mom a Hog hat to call the Hogs in.