Mom approves: Arkansas wins over Brandy Zimos … r-brandy-/

Great article Richard. Sounds like we have a great group of coaches.

Interesting she told me she read this one from Ryan Winkel’s parents and that helped with her. … ostive-ex/

I’m sure other parents of recruits are reading what Brandy is saying.

The stuff coming from the parents…like what Mrs. Zimos said is REAL stuff! No reason for the parent to make any of that up and to hear what she had to say speaks volumes of this staff that we have! Her comments remind me a lot of what Mrs. Fulwider was always saying about the staff and Arkansas as well. I agree with you RD, you have to know other recruits and their parents are seeing, hearing and reading about this kind of stuff. More and more I feel the sky is the limit in recruiting for us with this staff. Super pumped about it!

I know some people accuse reporters of asking leading questions, but it was pretty simple with Brady. I asked her why she was good with Zach’s decision, why she felt good about the coaching staff and she basically started talking. She brought up the fans and the Brenda Tracy story on her own.