Mohajir looking at new job

he reached the pinnacle of asu AD accomplishments last week. he will leave there as the GOAT

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You have to admit, he made a great deal for ASU.

Not only did he get the game set up, but he talked us into paying them $900,000 and giving them 20 percent of the tickets, while not playing on our home field.


It is as dumb as the buyout given to CBB. Tone deaf decision making.


No doubt. He had a pair of deuces & got us to fold holding a full house. He won the negotiation. If ASU wins the game or covers the spread, it’ll be a clean sweep.


As I read the tea leaves, Pittman basically demanded the Mizzou game on campus. We don’t need to neutralize any advantage that can be had at RRS. That left HY having to move quickly and it left AState in a position to negotiate when they should have been tripping over themselves just to say “yes.”

Not sure how adamant CSP was for moving the MU game to campus. It was only 2 games out the remaining WMS contract. I understand he wants all SEC games on campus, but I’m not sure an extra game every other year makes that much difference for our recruiting, especially since the MU game is played over the Thanksgiving holiday. Students aren’t on campus then & I doubt many recruits want to come that weekend. Even if the coach wanted it, I think he should’ve been told we’re stuck with a contract for however many more years we’ve got with WMS. Besides, we could have done something else to placate WMS–like extend the contract two extra years or something.

WMS has become something of an albatross, anyway.

Best thing would be to tear it down

Hope Terry will take those pictures he has of Hunter with him to UCF…

Maybe HY could go to a st.? We could find someone to re - negotiate the 900k . They should pay us to play them since we are in a no win situation. He took a big chance on football and was positive. They offered the fired witicha st bball coach before Muss. I am no fan of HY now.

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See, I think this is what we need to really consider here — the “I’m not sure…” I’m not sure either. But the professional, Sam Pittman, is sure. I don’t think any of us place enough importance on recruiting in the context of playing ASU. If politics is going to mandate we play an occasional silly game at WMS, then let’s listen to the head man and be willing to play ASU there, even under favorable terms for ASU. Sam thinks we need to have top 10 level recruiting classes. To do that at Arkansas, every single detail about recruiting needs to be right. And if you have top 10 recruiting classes, you’re kicking ASU’s a** 9.9 times out of 10 anyway.

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This is really something else. HY has hired the football coach that may well bail your football
team out of perpetual suckage, and you’ve turned on him over playing ASU? And you’re really fretting over a swing and a miss re: Greg Marshall? Do you really know what happened there? Doubtful. HY is just fine. Let him do his job. It’s not an easy one. Not easy at all.


Hunter Yuracheck has hired, in my opinion, a fantastic mens basketball coach, football coach. He listens to them, clearly works closely with them, and supports them very well, as best I can tell.

He has hired a fantastic gymnastics coach, and is at all their events and seems to, once again, work closely with his coach and support her very well.

Nearly our entire athletic department is nationally ranked. it’s incredible. and HY is on social media, making sure the world knows about it.

I know the issue of playing AState is controversial, but HY really seems to be doing a fantastic job, as far as I can tell.

And remember-he apparently had to make some concessions, as he is “breaking contract” to get the Missouri game this year moved to fayetteville. he inherited this preposterous situation, where every odd year, we have TWO home SEC games. NO OTHER SEC SCHOOL WOULD DO THAT, it really is ridiculous. well, as of last week, he corrected that, indefinitely.

just my .02



Perhaps, since the tradition of not playing ASU is contractually over we should get about the business of taking care of business.
We are talking about a game that will take place in 2025 which means four more years of CSP recruiting and grooming four more classes of his type of O-Linemen.
Hogs should be able to take care of the little brother quite easily and another thing I actually like is the fact that those wannabes from Jonesboro don’t get the opportunity to set a foot inside RRS in Fayetteville, they don’t deserve that honor.
Let the Redwolves and there few thousand fans make the drive to Little Rock if they actually will and take their place in the horrific visitors locker room which by most standards is one of the smallest and worst locker rooms in the country. So, my point is that if this game is going to be played then play it in the embarrassing old dump of a stadium in Little Rock and not the palatial palace of NW Arkansas, they don’t deserve to enter RRS in 2025 or ever.

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You do realize they’ve played in stadiums as nice, or nicer than RRS? They have to play money games each year to have a budget, so denying 20k Razorback fans a home game makes absolutely zero sense. My guess is we’ll unfortunately keep playing in WMS, even after 2025, our PTB’s seem to be afraid they’ll make someone mad, if we don’t.

A year ago I would have been very skeptical of playing A state, now I think we will put them in their place as the #2 football team in Arkansas by proving it on the field. I also like that the money stays instate which is a win. WPS

As far as money, it’s no different than them going to aTm and getting $1.65M, and us paying another Sunbelt team $1.65M, money is money, it’s the same currency everywhere.

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Not in their home state of Arkansas they haven’t and why allow them to do so now?
The Red Wolves simply don’t have a big enough fan base or be a big enough draw for Razorback fans to sellout RRS in what is just another rent a win game, but would likely sell out the DUMP in the Rock, which will still likely be 85-90% Hogs fans for the simple fact their really aren’t that many ASU fans period.

I was thinking if they paid North Texas the money will leave the state. WPS

And if Nebraska paid ASU money, it would come back in, correct?