At the rate this recruiting class is growing, we have a real shot at a 3.8 composite rating for the Top 20 in this class (according to Rivals) and 3.7 is a given right now. What are your observations about CCM and this staff that sets them apart in Arkansas recruiting from previous staffs in the modern era? Arkansas football has been horrible over the last few years yet they have doubled the number of Four Stars on both sides of the ball we typically get. Where does the magic come from, it has to go way beyond hard work and previous connections?

This is the first staff that has worked real hard on recruiting. Some believed previous staffs worked hard,but some don’t understand real hard work.

Having reported on recruiting around here since the early 1980s, I have to disagree with you.

The new staff is indeed working hard and having great success in year two.

But there’s no use in throwing other staffs under the bus to try and make your point.

Some were better than others, some worked harder than others.

But to say that they did understand real work is just not accurate from my vantage point.

Everybody worked hard, so what is the difference (especially considering so many Four Stars are from out of state)?

I would say the combination of early playing time being available and getting so many of the kids that turned into signees and pledges in here in Feb.

Other staffs use days with just a few key guys each while the new staff brought in everybody and their dog early and also got great relationships going with high school coaches.