Mods, question on HI print recruiting edition

Morning everyone…. Matt, Scotty, Richard etc…

I’m curious about the Hawgs Illustrated print recruiting edition that coming up…

When will that actually come together? And how will it be laid out?

More specifically, will it be pushed back to like the March edition so all signees and transfers from the portal can be included? Also, I hope the format will still included in the profile pods, but expanding out to also include a profile pod for the transfers…

Any feedback?

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Most of that is to be determined, but the recruiting issue will be the March edition.

Great thanks ! The Recruiting Print and the Annual Football Print are staples in my house….

I’m smiling as I read this. Someone else’s headache. I’m free to figure out whether to fly fish, tie flies or contemplate another elk trip with Jim. Sorry Matt.


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