Mods and insiders , is something up with Cody Kennedy?

I’ve not seen him in some of the commitment photos , it’s like every coach except CK and Bowman… and it’s been reported that Bowman is gone…… anything going on with Kennedy?

We haven’t brought in any offensive lineman since the guy from Florida so I really don’t know why he would be in the photos

I just find it strange that “every” other assistant coach is in the photo except those two? By your logic, and I can totally see your point, but why would the OC, the TE, the RB, and the WR Coach be in the photo and NOT the OL and the known exiting DB Coach? It’s a little curious to me…

From what all have said I believe Kennedy is returning.

Maybe he was out recruiting?

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Hasn’t been active on Twitter either.

Same deal as Bowman, and we see how that wound up.

Personally I was not impressed with his OL coaching this year….

He retweeted Thursday about Dalton Wagner making the AP All-Bowl team.

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Maybe he has the flu?

Kody is paid $700,000 a year. He’s under contract until February 2024.

Guess I am just not curious or alert enough, but it sure seems that some posters seem to be able to find drama and concerns, maybe sometimes even when there is not any. But then again, I guess without this type of thinking, there would not be much of an audience for daytime television


Just a curious observation…. Maybe he is sick ? Maybe he is recruiting a stud? IDK…

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Lord knows we could use another solid tackle. I’d rather him go get one than be in photos.

Kennedy was at the basketball game with the recruits Wednesday night.


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