Because I read about Moderna on this board my wife and I enrolled in the blind study. As some of you know the study was unlocked. Today we went for our results. As expected I received the “shot “ and my wife received the placebo. She received the first dose today,

In conversation with various reps of the study it was suggested early results are positive for response to variants. FYI.


Yep, same with me, and I knew I had the vaccine after the second shot. Hopefully it works against all of the variants, or they figure out a booster quickly.

Yup well said

However, Moderna and Pfizer are developing booster shots for SA variant. They say the vaccine works with SA variant but not as well. Not sure exactly what that means,

There was discussion of a booster, I’ve thought for four months I’d had the vaccine but will say I have behaved like I didn’t. Social distancing, mask, a little lax on the happy birthday hand washing stuff.

my wife was in the Moderna trial, she was unrandomized today and had the true vaccine. so nice to know!


Well my new wife had the front line “real deal”.

Many sick the first shot and Monday was shot #2. Again a lot of issues. She works 2nd shift., and had to go in at 8am. Lifgt headed all day and up until she went to sleep. Runny nose and a cough. Sounds like she’s sick.

By no means am I trying to run anybody off oor scare anyone.Just stating facts.

Those symptoms plus the fact that in New York the (blank blank) governor announced as much as
50% of Covid-19 deaths was over stated by that amount!! Maybe more…What??

Actually NY may have understated deaths by 50%. Big difference.

Received both doses of Moderna. I urge everyone to get the vaccine.


Got my first shot Jan 19, get my second one Feb 16. My wife and daughter, both in education, got their first shot, Mon and Tuesday of this week.

Yeah, not much difference in 50% over or under, lol.


Very much appreciate the information you all are posting here. It is anecdotal, but extremely helpful. Wife and I got Pfizer 1st dose last Monday. Just sore arm the next day, which returned to normal in two days. Wanted Moderna, but am happy to get Pfizer. With the rise of variants continuing, it appears boosters (probably at least once per year) will be needed. Only time, observation, and monitoring will tell.

I got my second Moderna on the 21st. I would have happily taken Pfizer, but the local health department had Moderna. Sore arm and a little fatigue, both resolved within 48 hours, after both shots.

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I had Pfizer
Completed a month ago now

Never had a single adverse event
Wouldn’t have even know I had taken it by how I felt

I got Pfizer 1st dose a week ago. Nothing but a slightly sore arm. My wife got her 2nd dose 8 days ago & no problems at all. My younger daughter got both Pfizer doses completed about 3 weeks ago & no problems. Older daughter got her first Moderna & no problem. Gets her 2nd dose Sunday.

Sounds like any side effects vary from person to person.

A co-worker with my daughter got his first Moderna vaccination a week ago. The next day he was in the hospital, receiving remdesivir. He was also receiving oxygen, but not on a ventilator.

My daughter talked to him a couple days ago and he’s out of the hospital and doing much better. He said the Drs told him he probably had contracted Covid a day or so before coming in for the vaccination, but didn’t yet have symptoms. The Drs told him the remdesivir and the vaccination probably kept him from being much worse. He was definitely an at risk person, very obese.

I got my first Moderna vax a couple weeks ago and had virtually no side effects other than a slightly sore arm for half a day.

I’m getting my second dose on Wednesday.

My 95 year old mother got her first Pfizer shot on Monday.

Swine I’m glad to hear you had no ill effects from our second shot.

My school is reducing our work load because the Dept of health has told them we’d have some negative reactions. I’m in a group of 60 (over 65) bus drivers…

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I signed up with Collier Drug. About a week ago they posted an update that they would not be receiving any vaccine for the next week. Now I’m not sure which way to jump.

I’m not sure about NW Arkansas, but in Central Arkansas, Walgreens has received a lot of supply. I had been looking at multiple locations all over central Arkansas, and all were short of supply with long waiting times.

If Walgreens in NW Arkansas is giving vaccinations, you might try there. I found an available day and time just 4 days out from when I searched. You do have to open a Walgreens account if you don’t already have one. Just click on the link and either sign in or open a new account:

It’s a mess here in Chattanooga. Our pharmacy hopes to get the vaccine by mid to late February but currently only 70 years and above can get it anywhere. I’m 69 and my wife is 67 so we’re looking at March.

Walgreens in Siloam Springs would be another place to check, my wife and daughter will get their 2nd shot the end of this month