Moderators on Smith?

In your opinion, is he fired after end of regular season? I think he should be so if we hire someone else they will have time to recruit. Would be so nice if Texas fires Strong and we could convince him to take a coordinator position, or Ed Orgeron. Icing on the cake would be Partiridge coming back to coach dline. They are spending $850,000 on a coordinator. If Arkansas truly wants to win, pay Enos what you have to, to keep him, and open the checkbook and hire a big time d coordinator. If not we will continue being .500 teams. But mainly, will smith be fired?

Arkansas is paying its coordinators well. Enos received a $150,000 pay raise after last season, and he received a $190,000 pay raise just to come here from Central Michigan. So that’s $340,000 - or almost double - what he was being paid as a MAC head coach.

I don’t know if Smith will be fired. I think how the team finishes will probably determine that, but it’s hard to know what is being said behind closed doors now. That doesn’t answer your question, I know, but I don’t have an informed enough opinion on whether it will happen.

I tend to think we’ll have a new DC in 2017. May not have to fire Robb; he may be encouraged to take the first available offer. You could even spin that as a promotion if it’s a HC job somewhere. Who will replace him? Bielema tends to surprise people. I don’t think Charlie Strong will go from $5 million at Texass to $1 million or so as our DC; he’d be more likely to sit out 2017, cash those paychecks from the rest of his EOE contract, and find another HC job somewhere. Charlie’s a good head coach, but EOE is too dysfunctional to fix in three years – and they’re not patient enough to wait for it to happen in year 4. Orgeron? Maybe. He’s been at UA before, and if LSU goes in another direction… I’m kinda thinking Orgeron may actually land the LSU job though.

Amended: I looked up Charlie’s contract with the Fallopians. He has a two-year-plus golden parachute remaining (it would have been three years if he’d gotten whacked last December); he’ll get paid $10 million plus if he is fired after this season. I tend to think he won’t go two years before he gets the itch to coach again and somebody decides to hire him. If he is hired somewhere during the golden parachute period (which ends 1/23/19), the $10 million plus will be decreased by 50% of his salary at the new job. Thus, if he took a year off and then landed an HC gig somewhere at $2 million, he would get $9 mill from EOE instead of $10 mill.

I hope Oregeron gets the LSU job.

I tend to agree. I think Robb will be “allowed to move on.” After this season. Too many little comments BEFORE the Auburn game. “If I have to get involved I will” has been said more than once. Not a great sign for Robb.

If Charlie Partridge is available I bet we jump at him. Charlie Strong would be a dream hire. But Swine is probably right. Strong will surely never again be a coordinator. I wouldn’t be if I were him. But he would be an unreal hire.

Strong’s buyout will be so sweet that he wouldn’t want to be a HC for a while so he can keep drawing a big check from Austin. I think there is a decent chance he takes a DC job and laughs all the way to the bank.

No, I don’t think Robb Smith will be fired.


if they go 8-4 , hard to fire him?

but I hear ya, the defense numbers are atrocious.

If I read this right, Clay’s not saying that Robb won’t take another job; just that he won’t be fired.

Gosh, I didn’t say anything about him taking another job. I wouldn’t know what is available. He had offers last year. I presume he would have some this year. But I do not think he will be fired.

Would be insane not to fire him.

I waited until I calmed down and was thinking reasonably to post, so here goes…As for Smith…if we finish 8-4, will the 56-3 ass whooping be stricken from the records? Hell no, fire him. Smith inherited Philon and Flowers his first year and gave us a false impression of his coaching ability. Anderson better improve with the o-line or he will be next, I know that Pittman was a little on the lazy side in recruiting and once he lost his grad assistant(Franks) he was going to be exposed, we cannot block simple stunts and slants. We cant even ‘HOLD’ effectively. We pay too much and accept too little from OUR program. Bret has mentioned 4 times publicly that HE is a defensive coach, so shut up and coach them then. I think Bret owes the fan base an apology because, HE is in-charge, HE hired all the staff and HE recruited all players, so HE is responsible. Let’s not worry about Bret’s list of possible assistants, cause if it doesn’t drastically improve, WE will talking about AD Longs’ list of possible head coaches.

Wow! Glad you calmed down before posting…I can’t imagine that Smith won’t be gone after this season, regardless of how it ends. Likely the worst defensive year in history. CBB didn’t let Cheney stick around long and I expect Smith will be the next to get advice on finding another job. Hope you are taking your blood pressure meds!

I would be absolutely shocked if Coach Robb Smith & Rory Segrest are employed by the University of Arkansas 2 weeks after our bowl game…

I’ve witnessed CBB nudge other asst. Coaches to greener pastures with better resumes.

I’m sure Coach BB has gotten a phone call, text or two from interested parties.

Of course we have to see how we finish but our D play against even weaker teams has not been the strength of this team which is all we heard heading into the fall

How do you justify keeping him?

That’s what I was thinking, wasn’t it Randy Shannon who was here, getting paid as a LB coach and still cashing checks from his time as HC of The U?

I am still of the belief if 1-6 (Florida Atlantic University) Charlie Partridge in yr 3 is let go he has the edge on all possible interviewees…

I wouldn’t mind if he returned to AR. Florida is just as important as Texas in recruiting. We need a pipeline to both.

From mutual friends that we have - remember I am from Newport and he is from Batesville - he has no interest in coaching in Arkansas.

Makes sense to me because he didn’t when he was a candidate to be the head coach.

IF the hatchet drops on Smith, maybe we could steal the current Wisconsin DC, Justin Wilcox. Top 10 defense that shutdown LSU and held Ohio State to 23 points in regulation and I’m pretty sure they get the same type (if not lesser) recruits than we get here at Arkansas…

He is scheduled to make $950,000 in 2017 after making $500,000 this year.