Mobilehoma up 1-0 on Aggies

Walk, single, RBI grounder in the top of the first,

Aggies not looking very good early.

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It’s now 4-0 with OU still batting with 2 outs & runners at the corners in the top of the 2nd. Not looking good for the Ags

Now 5-0. Paperclips are snowballing them quick.

Now 8!! Lol

Now 8-0. I’d say the Ags are the first team to make it to the losers bracket. OU has to be feeling really good right now.

I’d like to be on the pleasant side of a similar score tomorrow. Unfortunately any team could find itself on either side of a score like this during this series. “Baseball go like that sometime.”

Yeah this LH from Oklahoma is very good I saw him shut down Virginia tech last week who has a really really good offense

Such a big outfield in Omaha you got to have three guys that can really run to cover that much ground

It’s not the OU lefty that put 8 runs on the board. I’m sure he’s good enough to keep A&M from getting 8 against him, but this is all on the A&M pitcher (or players if there’ve been a bunch of errors.)

What I’m saying is A&M’s going to have a hard time scoring eight runs off of this guy not impossible but it’d be very difficult. Oklahoma’s just hitting the ball there hadn’t been in the errors they had a couple of walks but they just been hitting the ball

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I’m sure that’s true. A$M is likely done for today. They might eventually get several runs, but it’s tough to get 8. No reason to think OU is finished scoring, either.

No errors. Clips got a walk, a questionable HBP (ball hit the knob, Ags didn’t challenge), a swinging bunt for a single, an RBI walk, a two-run single, an RBI single and a three-run rocket into the RF bullpen.

He just hung a breaking ball though and Texas A&M didn’t miss it 8-3

Well A&M has 3 runs in the bottom of the 2nd. Maybe it’s not over after all.

Ball seems to be carrying pretty good close to the lines

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Yeah thinking same thing, like to see that tomorrow to.

I’d like to see it for us but Stanford’s got a bunch of them they can do that too

Aggies killing there self walking lead off.

Yeah seen that, wonder how deep there pitching is?

They have a team ERA just slightly less than ours so they’ve got quality people in the bullpen, I think we might be a little deeper than them but they’ve got quality arms for sure

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