Mo State bids to host Regional

at US Baseball Park (formerly Price Cutter Park) in Ozark, MO.

Didn’t know this park even existed.
Apparently the Springfield Ducks used to play there in an Independent league prior to the AA team moving to Springfield from El Paso.

Makes me wonder why Mo St didn’t use this park for the Super Regional two years ago?

I have no idea, but I bet that SMS got its ducks in a row after 2015. If I were them, I would make every effort to ensure that never happened again. Perhaps they had never thought about the consequences of sharing a field before.

They might consider moving all of their games back there, but Hammons is so close to campus that probably won’t happen. (4,000 capacity makes so much more sense for that college program.)

I’ll be pissed if they get to host and we don’t. I doubt it happens, but still…,

Everything I’m reading projects that we’re safe as a host and the final regional will go to Tucson barring an AZ fall-apart this weekend at home against Cal.

Seems to me everytime we’ve been to AZ we’ve gotten screwed. I’m all for being paired with AZ, but if so, I want them to fall apart during the regional.

We wouldn’t be paired with AZ, unless we somehow get a national seed. They’d just get the 16th regional. Which does not mean they’ll be paired with the #1 team, although since #1 is out West (Oregon State) that is at least a possibility. I don’t know if the tournament rules allow top seeds from the same conference to meet in a super though.

I don’t believe we’ve ever been paired with the Wildcats though. We’ve unfortunately been paired with Arizona State a couple of times and that hasn’t gone well.

But it wasn’t Arizona that participated it the screw jobs, it was Arizona State. First in the Super Regional in 2010, then in the Regional in 2011, followed by the mess in the early season tourney (Coca Cola Classic) in Surprise. That last one was the straw that broke the DVH connection to games with that sinking program. (They are having an atrocious year. It is the first time they have not won at least 30 games.)

We did play the Wildcats in the CWS in 2004 when we went two and 'cue. The debils were on the other side of the bracket in 2009, losing to texass for a shot at going to the finals. We should have faced Zona in the finals in 2012 when we were Perry Costelloed.

I’ve never made much effort to distinguish AZ & Az St. I know they’re different. I know one wears blue & other is has some varitation of red & gold. I know one are Wildcats & the other is something else. I know one is in Tucson & the other in some Phoenix suburb. However, I only know those things when forced to think about it. To me they’re still the two WAC teams who got a bowl for themselves in Phoenix & then managed to get into the PAC 8 to make it the Pac 10. I don’t even try to distinguish them. I know we got screwed out there by one of them.

However, now that you mention it, I do recall that AZ is somewhere near us in RPI. I simply misread your post to mean AZ had a chance at the 8th national seed, not the final host spot as something around a 16 seed.

We also played Zona in our first CWS in 1979; beat them 10-3 in our second game in Omaha. That bunch of Cats had two players who went on to not only play in the bigs but were MLB managers – Terry Francona, who has had a decent amount of success in the dugout, and Brad Mills, who didn’t.

I don’t know this for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if where you bid to host a regional must be the same site in which you must bid for a super regional. If that was the case, then Missouri State would have not had the option to move the games to Ozark two years ago during the super regional round. From everything I was told, Missouri State learned a lot about the NCAA bid process then, including that your ballpark must be made available to the NCAA for 24 hours each day for the duration of the regional and/or super regional.

The bigger issue with Missouri State is that it has been unable to convince the Cardinals and/or Texas League to schedule away from Springfield during those two weekends in June.