MO scored 30+ on TN

who had 60. TN has some at least a little defense. How many can they score on us at home as we have no defense at all? You can’t expect the offense to score every time to stay ahead. That was just plain bad. How can a defense be that bad?

It will have to be a shootout. The good news is MO’s defense looked worse than ours against an offense (Tenn) that isn’t as good as ours. Tenn scored
60 + and had WRs running free all day.

One concern I have is that MO did get some pressure but Dobbs was able to use his feet to keep plays alive and hit long bombs.

Tennessee’s DL is atrocious, due to injuries and dismissals. They are playing DEs and OL at DT, and because of that they just can’t control the line of scrimmage. That was the primary reason Mizzou had offensive success today. About all UT can do consistently is send some speed guys after a QB.

We do have a better DL than UT, and we also have a better offense. Missouri has one good pass rusher and a defense that is generally not that physical. They do not match up well against our offense. One good thing for our defense is that Mizzou’s QB is not nearly as dangerous running the ball as Fitzgerald, so it is easier to key on their backs.

So, while our defense can make any offense look dangerous, overall we do have a lot better team than Missouri.

Thanks - That helps some in terms of feeling good about the game, but with a defense or lack thereof like we have, you can never feel too good.

The Mizzery QB is not a zone read guy in their spread offense. He is more of a Big 12 kind of QB. I think we’ll do quite well against Mizzery.

Tennessee’s defense gave up 36 points to Kentucky last week, but doubtful we’d be worried if we were playing the Wildcats this week. TN is what they’ve been for years…overrated. To not be able to win the East this year, even after beating Florida, tells you they’re not a top-tier team that should’ve shutout Missouri.

It kills me to watch the Vols slide through the year with such a weak schedule (mainly because they are in the East). Jones better step it up next year or he’s going to be on the hot seat. This year they were overrated from the get go and Dobbs has always been overrated. (Dobbs is a great kid and is an excellent student). I see way too much Orange in my life and actually love most of the Vol fans however they are getting restless. Top recruiting classes not putting the results they want on the field is getting old to them.