MO Game forcast

Just looked. Right now calling for 42 with rain and snow. That will take care of the crowd including me. 9 days out so will change maybe.

Dang, I’ll put in my request now to keep the sliding windows in the press box closed.


Games like that are when I appreciate my indoor seats.


I will be there rain, snow, or shine. This is an important game for the Hogs. It’s saying 30% so maybe it will get better. Maybe a good omen. It was cold and miserable the last time we beat them in Fayetteville in 2015


As long as it doesn’t rain, 42 degrees isn’t terrible. That’s true even if there’s some snow. But rain & that kind of temperature is miserable. It’d have to be awful to play in. I’m afraid conditions like that can create a wild card for the outcome.

We used to play the Aggies in Fayetteville in November. There were some pretty miserable weather games then. The ags never seemed to handle it well.


That’s about the kind of forecast I expect for every game against Missouri. They have played in some awful weather conditions, especially the games in Columbia.

Yeah I remember the 1984 game with the Aggies at RRS that was miserable weather and in the second half they just mailed it in. Wanted to get out of the rain and the cold and get back to Texas. Final was 28-0.

That ‘84 game was a cold, cold game, wasn’t there some sleet mixed in with the rain?

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I was a freshman in 84, and will always remember that game. Everyone cleared out and we had the run of the place. We were at the line of scrimmage for every snap. It was like the time we were at Magic Kingdom during a hurricane. The storm wasn’t over us, but it kept people from coming in, so we just went from ride to ride with no lines.

Got to beat Mizzou to end the ugly streak. That say if we do not , the bowl game weather might be just like that too.


I attended the ‘84 game against the Aggies. It was cold, cold, cold with sleet and freezing rain (the way I remember it). Me and my brother in law stayed until the Aggie band performed and headed to my nephews dorm to watch the rest of the game. I’ve only left two Hog games before the final gun. That one and the thunderstorm delayed game with Ole Miss several years ago. I was soaked and had a long, long drive back to Chattanooga that Saturday night. Glad we left because we were in Russellville when the game restarted.

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The coldest I think I have ever been in my life was a game in Fayetteville, early to mid 80’s, against Rice if I recall correctly. It was about 35 degrees and raining. I remember thinking “I wish it were a few degrees colder so this was snow or ice!” I stayed until the end, walked back to my car, and it took me several minutes standing by my car to get my hand into my pocket to get my keys out! My hands were so cold I couldn’t get them to function!

Luckily I was parked at a friends apartment and went in and took a long hot shower!

MAN that was COLD!!!

Edit: Maybe it was the 84 game against A&M I am remembering! The timing is about right!

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Interesting, Weather Underground right now says 47 and Partly Cloudy.

Coldest I’ve been is when we played East Carolina in Memphis can’t remember the year or the bowl but it was 15 or 20° and windy it was brutal!


Same here–and I was dressed really well for the cold. The second coldest I’ve been at a football game was in about 1976 at the Liberty Bowl when Alabama played UCLA. I don’t know why I even went to that game. I wasn’t a fan of either team.

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It was colder in Memphis, but that rain in ‘84 was miserable!

Daddy forgot his glove and he got very cold. (He had a glove on his artificial hand, but he forgot the other one.) The only “hot” drink was barely lukewarm. We stayed for the entire game. Just thinking about those two games makes me shiver,

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I was dressed extremely well for the weather but it was so freaking windy that it didn’t matter! Felt like a popsicle… glad we won because I was miserable.

I had long underwear , coveralls. and heavy coat on at the Liberty Bowl that year and still froze


Oh yeah I had several layers on but like I said it didn’t really matter… bone chilling cold!

This weather forecast is still over a week away, which means it just as likely could be sunny and 75 and bring your sunscreen to the game.

And yes, the Liberty Bowl was the coldest I’ve ever been. 4 pair of socks and insulated boots and my feet still froze. As soon as the winning kick headed toward the uprights, we took off in a sprint to the car, turned the heat on full blast and didn’t turn it down until Forest City.