MM didn't have a great game

IMO actually that’s good for us. Shows the fire power of other players.

Also he didn’t get hurt on that play that ended up on the floor. (MM)

Maybe it’s been covered but I haven’t seen it.

Moses Moody played hard Defense and made huge plays it’s not always about scoring. He is a great teammate.
Rebounds are just as important!
He might come out on fire in the next game and avoid picking up 2 early fouls and we will see another 28+ scoring effort with 6+ rebounds and a few steals. Another thing he got more rest in this game so his legs will be rested.

Top +/- numbers from today’s game (more points your team scores than your opponent while you are in the game)

Notae +26
Davis +19
Smith +17
Tate +13
Sills +13
Moody 0
Williams 0
Henderson -1
Vanover -2

Great info, army and DD.

That thought crossed my mind of it might be MM turn against TT.

When we were good back in the day we would have 4-5 guys average in double figures.

NR teams just had a flood of players coming at you.

It did cross my mind that Moses hit the floor hard. Hoping he was OK.

Colgate could shoot the 3 ball. I am just so proud of this team and it’s coaches.

Easy to figure out Smith’s +/- since he played all 40 minutes. Hope he gets his legs completely back for Sunday, when we’ll really need him. I was hoping this would have been an easier win so our starters could have sat for 8 or 10 minutes each. At least it’s not like the SEC tourney and you get one day’s rest.

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Hopefully JWill gets more quality minutes against TT. Cant expect Smith to go 40 minutes again.
Do we know what time sunday game is, hopefully a late game.

Statistically, it’s like MM was sick yesterday. He only took 8 shots (making 4), and was credited with only 1 rebound (defensive) and no assists. Most interesting to me, the Hogs had their lowest team assist total (11) since they played Bama in Tuscaloosa (and were run out of the country). I’d think most teams lose when their star takes the fewest shots of the starters.

Key Difference in the Ball Game, Smith’s 29 points, and 11 made free throws.

We exploited our greatest mismatch against this particular opponent. That’s what great coaches do.

He didn’t have a great game because they were not looking for him, saw him open with his hands ready to shoot several times but we went inside to Smith because we knew they have no answer. We’d better be looking for him against Texas Tech or we will not win

We need MM to have a good game for sure, but just as important everybody else need not to have a poor game.
Just because MM has 30 pts doesn’t guarantee a win, ala LSU recently.

Remember, unless it’s an and-one, there are no assists on possessions that end in free throws, and we had a lot of those.

5:10 p.m.

I hope Moses shoots like Jimmy Chitwood tomorrow in Hinkle, and we run the picket fence at em.

I am sure Muss has the picket fence in his arsenal . I did it in HS and we scored the one time we ran it.

Moses doesn’t have to go off big every game for us to win, if he gives us his season average we will win most games as our record shows. Our team’s ability to have multiple players that on a given day can go out and score 25 is what makes us who we are as a team. I also would like to see Moody go off big today if that’s what we need to win, but to have multiple players in double figures would more than likely seal the deal. Should be a very entertaining game today ! WPS

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