MLB is on a suicide mission

First the All Star game fiasco which I will not comment further on, and now the top of the fourth at Busch Stadium last night. 30 minutes to play a half Inning in which only one run was scored. Two insanely long video reviews appear to be the main culprit. Put a dadgum clock on your reviews and make a decision dadgummit! My patience with the game I once loved is wearing thin.

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I don’t blame them for the stoppage on whether the interpreter visiting the mound by himself constituted a mound visit.

I thought it should have even though the half-and-half ruling went the Cardinals way.

I’'e watched baseball over 50 years and that was a new one for me.

Dudley I didn’t get to see the game since it was on the Balley Sports alternative channel which I don’t get. Is the long inning the reason KK did not return for the 5th? His pitch count was only 66.


instant replay is a fool’s game

Get rid of all of it. These are games played by flawed humans, officiated by flawed humans. Replay does not fix officiating mistakes (who knows that more than Hog fans?) and slows the game down, along with the flow.


Baseball was once the national pastime and the country’s most popular sport. Not any more, the NFL has taken the throne many years ago. I used to love MLB, but that love died long ago.

Overexposure on TV, pitching changes, reviews of calls, inept hitters, overpowering pitching, players moving from team to team, lack of fans at games, and many other issues have hastened the demise of major league baseball.


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