MLB future of Andrew Benentendi

I am a fan of Andrew and have watched him play a lot since he came up to the Red Sox. He is such a complete player…he can do most everything well. His only shortcoming is his lack of home run power. He only hit 13 this year with that jacked-up baseball. I was surprised…I thought he would hit at least 20-25.

Anyway, Boston, after winning a World Championship, really played poorly this season based upon the talent of that team, and they have a new guy running the empire since they fired Dave Dombroski. What happens to Andrew?..does he get an extension?, does he just bide his time for free agency or does Boston use him for trade bait? Boston says they can’t keep Betts and Martinez both. I just wondered what any of you guys think who follow his career.

You have expressed your expectations for what Andrew can do. I guess it depends on what Boston magagement thinks his expectations can be. His year was up and down it seems. They had a lot of that through their club house, too. I think there are a lot of teams that play poorly after a world championship. Not altogether surprising. I bet he gets a chance to show that he can do a little better. A little better (from 13 to 20 in your way of thinking) may be within his reach. He is a good major league player right now. He may can do a little better. He’s still not an old-timer.

His defense never slipped! I hope he stays in Boston but if he is put on the trading block I hope the Cardinals land him! It would be nice to go watch a Hog in St Louis.

Same. Being able to go to Fenway and root on a Razorback is special.

Bounce back year coming for Bene. He will get resigned to a good but not great contract. He was banged up some this year. Sox want to keep him.