on Kjerstad

Richard Justice was a columnist for the Houston Chronicle before he went to work for MLB. Been reading his stuff for almost 30 years. Nice piece here.

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Nice picture and article about Heston on front page of the Amarillo Globe News this morning. They speculate he will go 10th in first round Wednesday. He is back in Amarillo working out. Don’t have enough sense to post a link.

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Frony page of sports section! Sorry!

Here is the article:

longshot but read article that he could possibly go to orioles at number 2 if he would sign under slot.

Thank you Baum for linking the photo and article!

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CBS Sports lists the top 50 MLB prospects for this year’s draft. Kjerstad is 17 and Martin is 46. The article said Kjerstad could be the first outfielder drafted. The article also said Martin’s upside was very high, but he was poor at pitch recognition and was “helpless” against a curveball. They thought he would play centerfield.