Mizzou's Defense

Is just gobbling up the gamecocks today. And their QB is playing pretty well too. That game will not be easy.

Spencer Rattler has looked very underwhelming and what parts of the game, I have watched, the Gamecock defense has not excelled, but more specifically always looked to be out of position. I know I have complained about our defense, but to date I don’t recall them looking as consistently misaligned like Carolina has appeared.

Lloyd the SC RB that’s their heart and soul is trying to play hurt. That explains the score a lot. Last week the Aggies gifted SC points. Missouri hasn’t given them anything.

South Carolina played a Kentucky team that was without its starting QB and an A & M team that did not have a QB and has some internal problems. Their run of good luck ended tonight. They have Vandy left, and then Florida, Tennessee and Clemson. They will need some more good fortune to finish better than 6-6.

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They totally outplayed Georgia for three and a half quarters . Georgia could not run anything against them at all until right there at the very end. It will definitely be a tough game

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In total, UGA blew them away in first downs and total yards - and turnovers. It just looked to me that Georgia didn’t take the game seriously at first…sort of like our game with A&M, but they won.

Missouri’s offense is terrible but their defense will get after you. Georgia could not block them for much of the game they were getting extremely frustrated

Mizzou didn’t look all that against Vandy …. I don’t take any SEC game for granted …. But we are as of today a better team … let’s see who’s healthy at kickoff… but I’m not scared of them, and I don’t honestly think Mizzou could beat , Liberty…

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Mizzou would be a terrible loss. I don’t care how good their defense looks. We should NEVER lose this game.

None of our remaining games are going to be easy. Excepting Missouri State and Missouri, every team on our schedule has been ranked in the Top 25 at some point in the season and Missouri State was ranked in FCS. Still, I like our chances in every game. Just need to clean things up and stay focused.

Carolina was overrated. Rattler is not even average as a SEC QB. He has a great arm but poor decision making. Our OLine will dominate Mizzou. Drink’s offense revolves around 1 RB. He overworks him like he did the guy last year. No cakewalk but I’m not worried.

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